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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome. coming up on the program, demanding protection. protests erupted pakistan's southwest a day after a bomb attack left more than 80 dead. >> i am alan fisher in washington, dc. what organizers call the biggest climate change protest ever seen in the united states. >> where is relief?
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the question asked in indonesia as prices reach a new high. angry protests in pakistan over a blast in a mainly shiite district after an attack by a pro-sunni group claimed more than 80 lives. shia muslims have given authorities 48 hours to arrest the culprits, and have refused to bury the victims. >> their message is clear -- stop the killing of shias. this protest in karachi is in response to saturday's bombing that attacked ethnic shias at a market, killing more than 80. on sunday, leaders issued three important demands to the government. first, to ensure no more shias are killed and ledges -- sectarian attacks, pass legislation that would would make dissemination i --
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discrimination again she is a crime, and go after those that attacked the community. >> we want to register our protest. we demand the army and the judiciary take notice of the blast and other targeted operations. >> the pro-sunni sectarian group has said it is behind the latest attack, which comes just one month after they carried out a similar bombing in the same city, which is why so many people are angry and afraid. >> the government does not do enough. today they died. tomorrow it will be us. >> pakistan's military and government do not seem to have a clear policy on fighting sectarianism in the province. a supporter once she is who have to leave.hiwants shias
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they refused to bury the dead in protest. the prime minister responded by firing the regional government and promising better security. that has clearly not happened. the government has been driven -- given 48 hours to respond to demands made by shia community leaders, who promise more angry leaders if they are -- protest that they are not met. saturday's attacks shows that those who want to target shias can operate in some parts of pakistan with impunity, despite promises made by the government. al jazeera, karachi. >> pakistan's interior minister says the government will protect the shia community. >> i have spoken this afternoon to the police. they will hunt those guys, wherever they are.
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it is coming from our shared enemy. we have started exercising control. there is some kind of a group from a broad which is broad which is broaan sponsoring them. if somebody is aiding them, we will work it out and make it public. we are taking every possible measure to provide security. what we are thinking now, to divide into various zones like we have done elsewhere. they used to experience the same thing, but by doing the zones
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according to the requirement of security, it is doing well. we are with our community because they are being made a target. they are the victims. obviously those who are trying to destabilize pakistan through sectarianism think they have a plan, not only now, but for the last two years. >> gunmen have kidnapped at least seven foreign workers in northern nigeria. based dorm the housing complex have a lebanese construction company. the hostages include for -- four a bruiton.and >> police have launched a massive manhunt for kidnappers of construction workers. earlier, unknown gunmen attacked
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a police station but were killed by security forces. they burned cars. they had the aim of incapacitating the police not to respond to an emergency. then they launched an attack on the compound of a foreign construction company. they killed the night watchman and took hostages and fled into the night. this place has seen its fair share of violence following the outbreak in the northeast of nigeria. nobody has claimed responsibility for the recent attack. the town lies close to the border of troubled states where the insurgents has been fighting security forces and individuals and businesses. security forces warned that criminal elements in the north are cashing in on the lack of authority in northern nigeria to perpetuate activities in the
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region. >> rafael correa has secured a third term in office. here are pictures live right now. thronging supporters. in a minute you will see the man himself who has declared victories in the presidential election. his rival has conceded. early results gave him 57% of the vote compared to 24% for his opponent, guillermo lasso, in second place. he has been helped by government spending. you can see him here reveling in the moment of victory as he gets another term in office. more now from the capital of quito. >> president correa began his government six years ago. what he has done is he has put a lot of money into social
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programs, money that comes from the oil business here. he has revamped the schools. he has invested $5 billion in a better highway system. a lot of money in making better hospitals. that is why people believe he has done things that people can see. one very important thing. he implemented a program where he gives cash handouts to 2 million people every month. this is something people can see. that is why they like him here. >> more than 20,000 protesters have gathered in washington to demand government action on climate change. organizers say it is the largest climate protest in us history. >> on a bitterly cold winters day in washington, they came to protect -- protest the warming of the planet. a broad coalition.
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people from more than 30 states , old and young, environmental groups and private citizens. >> i'm here for her and myself. this is important. we have to take action and obama has to deliver on the promises he made to us. >> getting people to recognize how important this is is necessary. >> speaker after speaker insisted the signs were there the world was changing. continue to draft, devastating super storms, higher average temperatures, and they want government action. >> the changes we make in the next few years will last for millions of years. we are changing this planet on a geological time scale with our carelessness, and that has got to stop. >> many say president barack obama has done a lot on climate change but has to do more, has to show more leadership if he is to change the direction of united's dates and the rest of the world -- united states and the rest of the world. the president talked about climate change in his inaugural address and the state of the
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union. >> we must do more to, climate change. x but in broad termsugh rather than specific proposals. many protesters think he should project -- reject the proposed oil pipeline across canada to the gulf coast. the keystone project has been delayed several times. a final decision is expected soon. the demonstration then moved to the streets, to the white house itself. protest, officially called forward on climate, borrowed heavily on the 2012 campaign slogan. a reminder that people hear back his position on l change. now they expect him to deliver. >> still to come here on al jazeera. anger in egypt. why thousands of protesters clashed with police in port said. busy alaskans -- thousands turn
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it to st. peter's square for one of the popes final appearances. the highs and lows of football. we will explain it all you little bit later. - >> bangladeshi legislators have agreed to amend the war crimes law after violent protests. the change allows prosecutors to appeal against a life sentence handed down to an opposition leader. he could face the death penalty as a result and his party could be banned from politics. supporters called for more protests on monday against the amendment. the details. >> on the streets facing down protesters in the northeastern city. they protest against the
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controversial war crimes tribunal and life in prison for the senior figures of the movement for crimes committed more than 14 years ago. 16 people were killed as they took protests across the country. tear gas, rubber bullets, and in some cases according to the opposition, live munition, were all used by the authority. >> the way the trial is being run will push bangladesh to a civil war state. it will be the darkest days of bangladesh. that will be the case in the next few days. you know what is happening with security forces. they have become the tool for the government. they are shooting openly. a massacre has happened in other cities. the opposition party activists are not allowed to congregate. >> police drive away several
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young man. locals closed shops and businesses. the opposition brings the city to a standstill. pro-government voices were also demanding thatcca, those sentenced face the death penalty. >> the treatment of war criminals. >> far from fulfilling the role of regions really is, the war crimes tribunal has instead created a polarizing effect that shows no signs of abating. >> eight members of an alleged terrorist cell have been arrested. they received training and financial support in lebanon. this is as thousands held a funeral for a bahraini policeman who died last week.
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he was shot in antigovernment protests on thursday. it has been two years since the first mass rallies for democracies in the country -- democracy in the country. lakhdar brahimi is supporting calls for talks with the opposition and the government. airing an arab league meeting he said negotiations could begin, but he did not specify when. >> the veteran algerian diplomat is optimistic that a dialogue can be initiated to end the bloodshed in syria. lakhdar brahimi welcomed the offer made by the leader of the syrian national coalition to meet some members of president passaro sought -- bashar assad's government. >> he believed they dialogue should take place between the opposition and a delegation of the syrian government. we believe this is a start to getting out of the dark tunnel. >> serious prime minister urged
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syrians to reconcile. he made it clear president -- talks should be held inside syria. >> i called on everyone to join this process to save serious. we say to those listening we have offered all the guerin tees to make this political process -- guarantees to make this political process successful. >> the talk of optimism is not reflected on the ground, where the civil war reaches the two- year mark. rebel fighters clashed with government forces in a village in homs robbins. fighters also bombed a military airbase in aleppo. activist says this footage shows the aftermath of a rocket attack. dc. uprising began in march 2011.
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-- this. uprising began in march 2011. since then, more than 90,000 people have been killed. there has been little dialogue between president assad and those calling for his removal. could this latest initiative break the impasse, it would also need a more united effort by the international community, and that is not guaranteed. >> a massive shortfall of funds for syrian refugees. the un refugee agency says $1.5 billion pledged last month has not been delivered. jordan hosts nearly 50% of syrians displaced from the conflict. many are housed a camp near the border. the serious and -- humanitarian coordinator for jordan says much more is required to support the refugees. >> talking, one thing, giving
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money to the agencies who need them, being able to commit to the projects is another. unicef has not provided the latrines we need. it is one of the largest camps in the world. one of the largest cities in jordan now, close to 80,000 people. we are struggling. every night they have to basically provide close to $400,000 worth of tents, blankets, mattresses, kitchen utensils, every day. they have to provide $400,000 of food. the water is being trucked into the cam. on top of that you have the jordanians who have to provide all the medical services to the syrians.-- seriou our estimates is we could see another 300,000 syrians ross
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into jordan. that is a daunting task for everyone, let alone if the international community is not stepping forward with the resources required. >> david cameron arrived in mumbai on monday to trade. he also hopes to resurrect a contract. new delhi has chosen their rival for the jet as part of a deal, but that has not been finalized. nato says it will work with afghanistan to implement a ban on airstrikes in four and a -- residential areas. he is supporting a decree by the afghan president following the death of 10 people last week. in iraq, a series of car bombs have ripped through baghdad. up to 37 people were killed. the targets were markets and restaurants in mainly shia areas. >> in the middle of the morning
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at the start of the work week, coordinated car bombings. this is what it looks like after one of the bombs was detonated in a shia area in baghdad. exploding in a vegetable market in northeast baghdad. in southeast baghdad, a car bomb ripped through another market. a lot of the attacks target security forces, but these were aimed at civilians. >> what have these innocent people done to deserve this? >> explosion after explosion. they have asked themselves the question for the last 10 years. a particularly volatile time in iraq. there is a political crisis, tension on the ground between sunni provinces and the shia- led government, as well as between baghdad and the kurdish north. security forces here are on high alert, but that has not stopped the attacks. al jazeera, baghdad. >> a bomb explosion in southern
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thailand has killed at least two people. the other devices were diffused. more than 5000 people have been killed and separatist fighting in southern thailand over the past decade. a tense standoff in borneo where followers of a filipino sultan trying to reclaim land they say is there's -- of their ancestral territory. the gunman say they are staying put despite being surrounded by security forces. borneo is divided between brunei, indonesia, and malaysia. what more do you know about what is happening here? >> recent reports have been coming in. the talks are now over and they are going to proceed with that poor patients this evening. this group claims to have about 500 men with them.
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they say they are not willing to leave until their demands are met. a few high-ranking officials, malaysian authorities have not said who they are. it was initially said they were armed and they had links to a group in the philippines, but the foreign affairs office in the philippines was quick to refute that and said they were in fact followers of a group wanting recognition and want to stay permanently there based on historical grounds. >> what claim do these protesters have? >> well, historically it was part owned by the sultanate in the southern philippines. in till now the malaysian government has paid a certain amount of rent, as they call it , for it the land. the reclaiming was made officially by the philippines
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in the 1960s, but the claim has been dormant. we all know there is no such thing as a dormant claim. this time, the army says they were left out when the philippine government decided to sign a free work -- framework agreement. the question now is how the philippine government will deal with the situation. are they ready to protect the rights of the filipinos and the same time balance relations with malaysia? malaysia is the mediator for the ongoing peace negotiations between the philippine government and the islamic liberation front in the philippines. it is a catch-22 situation for the philippines. >> thanks very much. the family of the south african paralympic and -- paralympian
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oscar pistorius visited him at a police station. a bail hearing will be held on tuesday. israel's former prime minister appeared in a jerusalem court. he faces charges of fraud and breaching public trust. his lawyers say he is innocent. >> abdur lieberman -- avidor the berman appeared in a court facing charges of fraud. he is accused of sharing information. he received it from a former ambassador and later promoted him. the question is, will the court find him guilty of moral wrongdoing or moral turpitude? if it does he could be banned from political and public life for seven years. >> thousands of people gathered in vatican city this sunday for one of the final blessings from pope benedict.
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he delivered a special prayer to the masses from his window overlooking st. peter's square. >> smiling and staring out in a fast cheering crowd, the traditional sunday appearance of the pope. not since six centuries has the pope told his followers he is resigning. this was to be his first address since the shock announcement six days ago. there were banners -- thank you very much, others said, we love you. his voice sounded clear and strong. he spoke in several languages. asking the crowd to pray for him and the next pope. in italian, he expressed gratitude. [spaking italian] >> your presence is a sign of your affection. i am deeply grateful.
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i thank the administration of rome and all the inhabitants of this lovely and beloved city. >> it has been a momentous, historic week for the catholic church. now the faithful are expressing their emotions by sheer numbers. st. peter's square is overflowing. earlier as people arrived, many of the crowds expressed their emotions. >> we have come to say goodbye. we were here when he was elected, and we have come back for his penultimate sunday. >> i come from naples a specially for this, even if could have seen it on television, maybe better on tv. being here in person is important for those who believe. >> he seems tired, moved, uncertain, insecure. it really has an effect on you. the pope should be strong and authoritative. he seems weak, and that has really hit me. >> this will not be the last
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goodbye from pope benedict, but his final departure is less than a fortnight away. he flies out of the vatican in a helicopter on february 28, and will stay south of rome for two months. he has withdrawn from the historic events to elect his successor. he will return for a life of prayer and confinement. andrew symonds, al jazeera, rome. >> a show of strength. it europe's newest state its succession from serbia with military parades, but poverty and corruption remain rife. we tell you why this chilly -- chili left some red in the face. why this boxer is all yours to mike tyson's offer of friendship.
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>> hello once again. as we take a look at whether across northeastern parts of asia you see the frontal system is getting a quiet -- quite a bit of snow across hokkaido. that system is expected to gradually push through. we will see some slight improvement. snow showers likely across the korean peninsula. maximum is minus six for pyongyang. subzero in beijing through the day. we run into this frontal zone, giving a combination of rain and snow. when you get further south, taiwan, hong kong, should be dry and fine. that area of no and rain looks as though it may add further south. we will have to keep a close eye on that one. china, the weather is looking dry and fine. vietnam should be fine. myanmar about 36 degrees.
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across asia we should cn improvement in the weather. we had some unseasonal rain the but last -- in the last two days. still some parts of rain in time of not it -- tamil nadu. rest of the region is looking drive. -- the rest of the region is looking drive. -- dry. >> you are with the al jazeera newshour. protests taking place across pakistan after the killing of members of the shia community. the attack claimed more than 80 lives. protesters have given authorities 48 hours to catch the attackers. ecuador's president rafael correa has attached -- secured
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a third term, declaring victory in the presidential elections. early results gave him 57% of the vote. conservative islamic opposition group has called for more protests in bangladesh in response to a government decision to amend the war crimes law to allow prosecutors to appeal a life sentence handed down to an opposition leader. you meet white house memos reveal plans to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. it would give legal status to those living in the country for at least eight years. the white house says the current system is broken, but republicans say the president is playing politics. >> who want to continue building on the great strategy of border security. we want to continue cracking down on businesses that assist them. we want to make sure there is a earned path to citizenship, and the legal system, which is to come her son, we want that to be reformed. we will continue to push for that.
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>> he has had no republican communications on the issue. unlike the previous four presidents i have dealt with. i believe we are making progress on a bipartisan basis. i believe we can come up with a product. this raises the question that many of us are continuing to wonder about. does the president really want a result, or does he want another cudgel to beat up republicans so he can get political advantage in the next election? >> bill schneider says the move is likely to boost president obama's popularity with some bases, what will be strongly opposed -- but will be strongly opposed by republicans. >> he wants to show faith to the latino, hispanic supporters who came out in large numbers to support him. a big advantage over the republicans. republicans in congress are on the defensive because they realize that if they continue alienating those immigrant voters they will be sunk as a political party. it is both a policy and
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political advantage. the president is pressing very hard. republicans in congress are really under pressure. they are insisting that any plan for citizenship or even legal status has to wait until the border is absolutely secure. the white house has to -- says the border is secure now. republicans do not want to talk about a path to citizenship. the president does. that is a huge difference where the president has an advantage. on a lot of these issues he is pushing ahead. the president planned a proposal that was leaked -- not for citizenship, but for a probationary status of up to eight years well illegal -- previously illegal immigrants are called lawful prospective immigrants. they have to learn english, have to pass a background check, have to pay a penalty, a serious financial penalty because they broke the law coming to the united states. that is why the president does
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not call this amnesty. only then will they be granted permanent resident status. still not citizenship. eventually they can apply for citizenship. republicans draw the line. they do not want anything that could eventually lead to citizenship. >> libyans have been marking the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled muammar gaddafi. >> for many in benghazi, it is a day of celebration. for some, also a time to remember those who sacrificed themselves in the name of freedom. for others, an opportunity to teach the younger generation about the past. >> i had to explain everything to them. they know that now we are living in freedom. we cannot achieve everything quickly. >> they pride themselves on being the cradle of the revolution. they put an end to 42 years of qaddafi's rule.
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today they stand united like they were back in 2011 when they went to obliterate the city. >> this has been renamed freedom square. it still remains a place of discontent. many people will say that the many reasons that led benghazi to up -- a guy the uprising remain there. a sense of marginalization from the central government in tripoli. >> it is why top officials chose to be in benghazi for the occasion. many here, frustrated by the slow pace of reforms, have threatened large protests. >> i do understand you. i promise you we will do our best to and this marginalization and improve people's lives. >> libya security forces were also on display. they are often criticized for not being able to secure the
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country, but are also former rebels and at least this they were hailed as such. one of the biggest concerns is security or the lack of it. especially in benghazi, were a series of attacks have brought to a halt prospects of rapid economic recovery. >> all those who say benghazi is unsafe -- we need to build this country. we cannot leave such a great revolution. we need to support the government. >> the year ahead is difficult. libya still needs to draft a new constitution, think about negotiations, and reach consensus. on a day like this one, it is a reminder to everyone how far libya has come. >> a prominent cuban dissident has been allowed to leave the country for a speaking tour. they recently passed a lot using travel restrictions by eliminating exit permits. it will allow him to take part
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in a world tour. he has traveled over 12 times in recent years. staff at the spanish airline iberia have begun a five-day strike over planned job cuts and a salary reductions. they will ground more than 1000 flights this week and will cost the airline and spain's economy millions of dollars. workers, including baggage handlers, pilots, land to host strikes in february and march. thousands marched through madrid against proposed changes to public health care. they are unhappy of the government land to sell off regional hospitals. the government says reforms are needed to secure spain's economic growth. critics say the move is politically motivated rather than a genuine attempt to cut costs. >> bulgarian protests in the
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capital of sofia. they are outraged at a foreign power company cranking up the cost of electricity. many burned electric bills to show their anger. armenia's president is likely to win a new five-year term on monday. polls predict guillermo lasso -- serzh sarksyan will garner 60% of the votes, but it has been a bitter campaign with a assassination attempt on one rival and a hunger strike by another. >> this last big rally before the president sought election. if it seems low-key, it is because president has little to fear -- serzh sarksyan has little to fear. this is despite a campaign filled with drama, with two leading parties refusing to participate and one candidate narrowly surviving an assassination attempt. he tells me how he was shot by gunmen outside his home two weeks ago. he blames russian secret police,
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but is not letting the attack distracting from the race. >> may be years, a lot more, to change armenia. to have a real country that belongs to the citizens. after this we will have new political life. i have many ideas. my main idea is complete democracy. >> in other candidate who spent his entire campaign on a hunger strike. 28 days without food to protest what he says is a fake election. >> the people know the governing party is getting out pre- election bribes and forcing civil employees to vote for them. it is a criminal defense -- offense, and unconstitutional. >> armenians know none of the candidates pose a real threat to serzh sarksyan's role. the challenge now is persuading
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them to vote. >> once again the opposition failed to unite behind one challenger. in many ways it is diluting the opposition vote. in other words, it is much less about the popularity of the incumbent president and much more about the failure politically of the opposition to actually pose a credible challenge or contender. >> armenia is facing serious problems, including tensioners with turkey and azerbaijan, a weak economy, and a heavy dependence on russia for trade and energy. these are issues that were hardly touched on in any of the campaigns. >> it has been five years since cozumel broke away from serbia. celebrations took place, but problems like poverty and corruption remain rampant in europe's newest day. ♪ >> the march was small but significant.
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officially the constitution limits security forces to emergency response, but in front of the invited ranks of international diplomats and dignitaries in military uniforms, the inclusion of special forces units sent a deliberate message. this is a fledgling army in all but name. the significance was not lost on the crowds. >> i know it will not be repeated, the war, but if anything happens i know we are safe and we have our army. i am extremely proud. >> veterans of the conflict of the 1990s -- a country now trying to draw a line and move forward. >> we are building a new vision for our country and people, a vision of an international future. >> the famous newborn monument was unveiled on the first
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independence day five years ago. it has been repainted, with flags around the -- of the countries around the world that have recognized coast of an -- kosovan dependence. the road has been paved with good intentions, not all of them fulfilled. unemployment is 47% and rising. the average monthly wage is $387. this day is cause for celebration, especially for some -- back in 2008, she was the first baby to be born into the newly independent republic of kosovo. she has become the symbol of a new generation. >> when she was born, she was only able to cry. now she has learned to walk and talk. in a similar way, we need to grow up and develop.
11:41 pm
>> when she grows up, what kind of kosovo will she see? for now she is just looking forward to a good party. >> today i am five, she sings. how happy i am. may it live forever, independence. >> germany has announced a national action plan to tackle the europewide horse meat. tainted beef has been discovered across the continent. the first case was found in germany. now they are pushing for mandatory screening to discover the extent of the problem. neat is also an issue in indonesia. restrictions on beef imports have created a serious bull market. at least one politician has been caught in a cattle corruption scandal. >> this is the future. indonesia breeding its own
11:42 pm
cattle, becoming self sufficient in beef. this is the present, empty sheds. since indonesia limited beef and cattle imports from australia in 2010, the price has gone up dramatically. the measure was taken to stimulate local farming. importers are now mainly selling local cattle, but he has trouble buying enough. high prices have cut into his business. >> since i started buying local cows to fill the gap the prices jumped up. this proves there are simply not enough local cows on the market. farmers are not ready yet. >> this year indonesia further tightened its cattle import policy and began bringing in only 14% of what it needs from australia. this has led to smuggling and alleged corrupt practices. the leader of the islamic justice party was detained after being suspected of taking bribes from beef importers who
11:43 pm
wanted him to increase the quota. indonesia has a new corruption scandal. a shortage of cows and beef has created opportunities for corruption. meanwhile, traders, farmers, and consumers are suffering. it is quiet at the beef market. traders say consumers have taken beef off the menu and are eating chicken instead. >> the government has to solve this. we cannot do it. if there is corruption they should stop it. it is clear we want the price to go down. >> some government officials have urged consumers to eat cheaper rabbit meekins that. the minister of agriculture, which denies any involvement in the corruption scandal, says there are enough cows in indonesia, just not in the right places. >> the problem is the distribution of cows. you're talking to departments to find a solution for this. >> indonesia's famous meatball
11:44 pm
soup is tainted as well. some have been caught with imported beef. they call on the government to increase the import quota in till the is really self- sufficient. >> just ahead, could raphael nuttall claim his first victory in eight months? -- rafael nadal claimed his first victory in eight months?
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>> brazil, a bastion of economic development and a key player in a shifting global order. a country that has become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant workers. viewfinder latin america follows an angolan migrant who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism. open arms and close doors.
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at "this time on al jazeera." >> welcome back. thousands of people are left red-faced in chile all because of the war of the tomato. a replica of spain's festival. the only other festival going for three years running. local growers supply the tomatoes to raise the crops national profile. they assure no food was wasted. >> it is not that we are throwing them out or wasting food. these are tomatoes that were never going to be sold. they were donated by the
11:47 pm
producers for this event every year. >> there are plenty of tomatoes to throw. i bought a kilo. that is aside from the 45 tons you are here. >> that are here. rail -- real madrid title hopes are all but finished, but they still have a chance of overwhelming athletic a madrid. another rival had won six of eight previous matches, but real opened up scoring. it was 2-0. sergio ramos with the cake. -- cake -- kick. then a handball. it still finished 2-0. second placed athletico --
11:48 pm
after back-to-back defeats, a opening goal after just 11 minutes. they went on to win 3-0. valencia cemented their place in fifth with a 2-0 win. he made sure of the points. the four clubs below barcelona won their matches, but still not much for the catalans to worry about. napoli have closed the gap on juventus, they will be slightly disappointed after drawing a blank. florence, a city with a rich
11:49 pm
artistic heritage, certainly this goal was a thing of beauty. then the strike made it 3-0 in the second half. going on to win 4-1. there are two points off the champions league spot. chelsea have made sure of their place in round five of this season's competition. brentford had taken a fourth- round tie following a 2-2 draw. chelsea were 4-0 winners. andrew richardson reports. >> brentford held chelsea to a 2-2 draw the first time around. not the defending champions have been expecting. the first half of this replay did not go according to plan for chelsea either. brentford could have been scoring.
11:50 pm
had the referee not stop for an earlier foul on one of their layers. the second half saw order restored. resulting in defense of confusion and a second goal that all but settled the tie. he had time to become the club 's all-time leading scorer in the competition. his 26th after a -- fa cup goal. it has been a troubled season for chelsea, but they could ill and did with two cup titles. -- ended with two cup titles. >> back to the city. again second placed united. adding a second goal from the penalty spot. going on to win 4-0.
11:51 pm
adding another goal as an assist. the manager is hoping the argentinian can keep up that in the leak. -- lee get -- league. >> are striker continues to score. i think the championship is in reach. >> they beat 4-1. they reached the fa quarterfinals. the premier league game in england. liverpool has reached the height of seventh. steven gerrard sent them on their way. liverpool never looked back after that. three goals in the first 11 minutes of the second half settled the issue. it is the first time liverpool
11:52 pm
has beaten a team from the top 10 this season. moving on to tennis. victoria as a rank a -- azarenka proved to be too good for the new number one, serena williams. >> victoria azarenka. [applause] >> defending champion victoria theenaka went up against woman who would take her number one spot when rankings came out on monday. despite that, she got off to a bright spot in the final. she showed some in press of service -- impressive service, beating serena williams in the third game. she came back to score a tiebreak. azarenka one the tiebreak and took the set. williams stepped up a gear in the second set as she broke her opponent's serve early to take the lead.
11:53 pm
apparent discomfort after a nasty small. -- fall. the grand slam champion brokers serve again. but serena's hopes of competing were dashed as azarenka rope twice and took a three-love leave. she closed the match with a powerful serve to end a run of nine consecutive defeats against williams. reminding the fans that in this match at least she was number one. >> it is the goal to be number one. but the most important is to win the tournament. if i am consistent and keep winning titles, it will come back. >> she might not be the worlds number 11 anymore, but she is number one here. her next stop is due by for the championship -- dubai for the
11:54 pm
championship. >> rafael nadal is one his first tournament in eight months. he won the brazil open on sunday. he will defend his grand slam title in paris in may. picking up the world indoor tournament title. the argentinian -- the former u.s. open champion going one better than his performance last year. cricket and south africa have beaten pakistan by four wickets. he took nine wickets in a match. losing their last six wickets for 22 runs with south africa, then chasing down a victory target of 182 to win the match.
11:55 pm
the home side claimed victory by four wickets. australia has won their sixth winning the cricket world cup. in the final in mumbai. 259-7. perry also played football for australia. he took three wickets. it is the first time australia has held the world cup and ashes titles. these next pictures might come to a surprise for anyone who saw mike tyson bite a chunk out of a vendor hollifield's year during their fight back in 1997. he surprised his former enemy at a promotional event in chicago. they are good friends now. he will like tyson even more if
11:56 pm
his appearance helps sell his new brand of barbecue sauce. that is all your sport for now. more later. >> thanks very much. finally, the british prime minister david cameron is hoping to help top a new poll, the british music charts. it has been announced he will be teaming up with, it is hard to believe this, the teen pop and one direction by making a cameo in their new using video. the good news is it is not thought he will be singing. he will be appearing as himself
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